My Story



I’m Tamlyn Jayne!

Wife, Mother of 3 and lover of Yoga, Weights & Fitness.

I am a fitness mum & fully qualified Yoga Teacher with 500HR Yoga Teacher Training Hours and over 2 years of Yoga Teaching experience.

My fitness journey started after having kids where I completely transformed my body, entered my first fitness competition and was placed 2nd in the Qld Transformation Challenge. My fitness journey has taught me not only a lot about myself but about life in general.

Yoga is something that has interested me for a long time but it wasn’t until after having my 3rd child that I decided to study it and to make it a regular part of my own lifestyle in conjunction with my dedicated weights training.  Starting in Kids Yoga and becoming a World Kids Yoga Ambassador, I then completed more study and branched into other styles of Yoga.

I now teach a mixed hybrid style of Yoga & fitness coaching which blends ancient teachings with my own modern flair and connects those practising it more deeply with their own soul. It also boosts self confidence, self gratitude & enhances feelings of body love.

I look forward to sharing the benefits & cool vibes of my unique style of yoga combined with the wisdom gained from my own personal body transformation & fitness journey with you to assist you in achieving your goals.

Tam 💗 xx